10 Tips for Investors gold.

The sages say that earn much money is very difficult, but even more difficult is not to lose it. In this case, you can add it to increase its capital - this is an art.

If you are thinking of investing in property comerciles profitability in Spain with a guaranteed income, then you are on the right path to multiply their capital.

We would like to remind you of some laws recognized by investors.

1) Investment property in return - is insurance for their future.

Life sometimes gives us surprises and adjust our plans, without asking our permission. But regardless of the circumstances, either purchased a property, along with a lease, provided help through difficult times.

2) properly evaluate investment opportunities.

Before you begin your search for investment objects then determine your financial limits. As accurately as possible to see the estimated revenue that will take your investment, and all expenses that may arise during exploitation of the property.

3) Develop your own business plan.

No need to blindly follow other investors because what that direction is fashionable today. As you know, fashion is fickle, and the rapid growth of today, usually resulting collapse tomorrow. Clearly understand the risk level of the selected type of investment. Define your strategic goals and constantly go to them.4) The road to success - is to diversify.

It is not limited to the local market. Of course, you know best of all where you live, but not be limited to a single market or a single country. The more diversified your portfolio, be more stable and secure.

5) Relying on numbers rather than emotions.

Never let your emotions take a decision. Investments - the science of dry figures. Consult your mind, not your heart. works with market professionals. Friends may not always be a good counselor. In the worst case, you risk losing money and friends.

6) To assess investment risks.

Investment - is always a risk. This risk increases greatly if you do not have full information about the object of your investment and the associated risks. Consult the experts. Few meetings with a good specialist in the field, will help ensure many years of prosperity.

7) The location - is the key to liquidity and future value.

Carefully choose the location of the object of your investment. In the case of investments in commercial real estate with a guaranteed rent, global brands that are leaders in their segment of the business income. These risks have already been studied and calculated its development department of the corporation. . You always see McDonalds in the best location in the city center or at an intersection, or next to a large shopping center.

8) Type of property investments.

You decide for yourself what type of investment is most interesting for you This can be:.. Fast food, supermarkets, offices of a major bank, a shop with a global brand, a hotel, a shopping center, offices, parking, logistics center, the network of service stations, a plot for construction with a guaranteed rental contract.

Each of these types of real estate has its own characteristics and nuances, keep in mind that can only be a specialist.

9) The long-term investments

Investment in commercial real estate is a long term investment, it is your pension fund. Look investment options with the lease, always with the longest possible time. In some cases, it may reach 40-50 years, with a clear rent amount, indexed to inflation.

10) Professional staff - a guarantee of success of your investment.

Carefully choose a company that will represent their interests. Ultimately, it depends on your agent if you will be happy to tell their friends that you have a successful business in Spain, allowing you to enjoy life when they have to work hard to support their families. . If you do not do well your investment, then you will need to seek additional funds for the maintenance of an investment project that failed.

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